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Job openings remain scarce

The average gross salary was 5.9% more than a year earlier, while net average wages grew by 7.6% without including family allowances, data published by Central Statistical Office (KSH) revealed. The average gross salary is close to HUF 215 000, in the meantime the average net salary is HUF 142 500.

Despite the fact that they represent in a smaller proportion, the average salary of white collar workers is higher in the private than in the public sector, recent data from KSH shows.This is due to the fact that salary increase in the public sector has been temporarily cancelled.

However, this April the public sector saw a bigger increase than the private sector. Salary increases generally did not exceed 4-6%, which is still quite a modest growth compared to earlier years’ trend.

As for average net salary, there was a 7.5% in the private sector while average net wages increased by 8% year-on-year. This exceeds greatly the pace of 4.7% consumer price increase. However, analysts say that this still not creates remarkable inflation pressure, since the salary growth mostly affects people with higher wages, and their salary surplus will go into their reserves.

The number of people working in the public sector and for enterprises with more than 5 employees rose 0.2% on a year-on-year basis as aresult of modestly growing employment rate and further redundancies at budgetary institutions. The employment rate in the public sector is close to stagnation with 681 000 people.