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Iveco expects revenue of 15 billion in 2007

Italian truck maker Iveco plans sales of Ft 15 billion in the country in 2007, keeping within the range of the firm’s 2006 results, regional sales director István Gyöngyössy said yesterday.

Iveco has an operating margin of about 9%. A little more than three-fourths of its domestic revenue comes from vehicle sales, while the rest is generated by parts sales and servicing. Iveco sold 15,000 light commercial vehicles in Hungary last year, including 6,800 in the 3.5-7.5 ton category, giving it a 17% market share in this sub-group.

Iveco's sales of 6-16 ton vehicles reached 800, giving it 40% of the segment. Iveco controlled 8.5% of Hungary's 3,200-unit heavy vehicle market in 2006. Iveco will launch sales of a new four-wheel-drive lightweight truck and a new heavy truck in the summer. (Mti-Eco, Magyar Hírlap)