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Investment fund assets climb almost 5% to HUF 3,510 billion in Q2

Assets in funds managed by members of the Association of Hungarian Investment Fund and Asset Management Companies (BAMOSz) grew 4.9% to HUF 3,510 billion in the second quarter, drawing HUF 150.9 billion in fresh capital and booking a net yield of HUF 14.4 billion, BAMOSz said in a fresh report published on Tuesday. The funds drew less fresh capital than in Q1, but more than in the last two quarters of 2009.

Assets in the funds increased 17% in the first half, growing on the sale of almost HUF 400 billion of new units and a yield of HUF 111 billion.

About 62.6% of assets at the end of June were in public open-ended securities funds, while 10.9% were in closed-end securities funds, 8.1% were in public open-ended property funds, 7.5% were in public closed-end special funds, 2.2% were in public closed-end property funds, 6.8% were in public open-ended guaranteed and derivative funds, 1.4% were in private guaranteed and derivative funds and 0.6% were in private property funds. (MTI-Econews)