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Internet subscriptions rise 25.5% yr/yr to end of Q1

There were more than 2.9 million internet subscriptions in Hungary at the end of March 2010, up 21% or 591,000 from the end of December 2009 and up 25.5% in twelve months, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) reported on Thursday.

56% of all the subscriptions were for broadband internet, their share rose 5% from the end of March 2009.

One-third of all subscriptions were for mobile internet, their share rose 10 percentage points in one year.

Wireless internet subscriptions rose 3.7% in three months and 66.7% in twelve months to 1,074,997 at the end of March 2010 after a 52.5% rise in 2009. The rise came from mobile internet subscriptions which were up 3.9% in the last three months and rose 78.8% in one year to 968,940.

Within the broadband internet segment, the number of cable subscriptions rose 4.8% in the first quarter and rose 11% in twelve months to 819,697, while the number of xDSL subscriptions fell 0.8% yr/yr to 800,365.

Internet service providers (ISP) had revenue of HUF 35.12 billion in Q1 2010, up 0.6% from the previous quarter. Revenue rose a slight 0.1% to HUF 141.88 billion last year in a sharp contrast with a 25.9% increase in 2008.

There were 413 ISPs in Hungary at the end of March 2010, up 20 in one year. The market remained highly concentrated, with 20 ISPs accounting for 90% of all subscriptions. (MTI-Econews)