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Intel to invest in India

Global chip maker Intel will invest more than $1 billion in India over the next three years, seeking to establish partnerships with Indian and foreign hardware firms.

“We have committed to spend over a $1 billion spread over next three years plus. We are focusing on a number of new initiatives for enabling easy availability of personal computers (PCs) and broadband Internet in India,” Intel Technology India Director John A McClure said.

The company is partnering with foreign and Indian computer hardware brands like ASUS Technologies, HCL, Wipro and Zenith for preparing light weight easy-to-use Internet platforms.

The company is working on different designs for specific market segments. It is also preparing to introduce Wimax technology in India, the fastest wireless BB technology available at lower cost than optical fiber

"This is the best technology to bridge the PC-broadband Internet gap in India. With 3 million broadband Internet subscription against a PC deployment of 35 million, India has the worst broadband-PC ratio in a large market," he said.  (Xinhua)