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Industrial production and exports rise in January

Industrial production grew 3.4% yr/yr in January, while industrial exports increased 13.4% yr/yr during the month, KSH said on Friday in a synthesis of data published earlier.  

Total exports of goods accounted in €grew 14.6%, while total imports increased 2.7%, resulting in a surplus of €290 million, KSH added.

However, growth was mostly due to the low base last year, KSH noted.

Industry employed 10.3% fewer people compared to January 2009, after a decrease of 11.5% on average last year compared to 2008, and productivity was up 15.6%, after decreasing 7.1% on average last year.

In spite even of the low base, construction output decreased 13.5% yr/yr and domestic sales of industry declined 12.6% yr/yr, KSH said.

Retail sales fell by 6% yr/yr in January, while revenues of tourism and catering was 1.3% less than a year earlier, KSH said. (MTI-ECONEWS)