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Industrial producer prices up 9% yr/yr in September.

Hungary's industrial producer prices rose 9% yr/yr in September and were up 0.1% compared to August, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) reported on Monday.

The twelve-month increase compared to a 5.3% rise in May, a 7.9% rise in June, a 9.5% increase in July and a 9.7% rise in August. The monthly increase slowed from 0.3% in August. Producer prices for domestic sales rose 11.4% yr/yr in September and were up 0.8% from August. Producer prices for industrial exports in forint terms rose 7.3% yr/yr in September and were down 0.4% from August. Monthly export prices fell despite a 0.2% weakening of the forint against the euro and a 0.8% weakening against the US dollar. Compared to September 2005, the forint fell 11.7% to the euro and 7.5% to the dollar. Export prices in the vehicle manufacturing sector rose 11.3% yr/yr in September, including a slight rise of 0.1% from August. Machinery export prices increased a higher-than-average 9.9% yr/yr in September, but were unchanged compared to August. Export prices for Hungary's leading export sector, electric and optical equipment, rose a slight 0.1% yr/yr in September. Compared to August, the sector's export prices actually fell 1.1%. Food export prices increased 9.8% yr/yr in September and were up 0.7% from August. September producer prices for domestic sale were driven by a 23.8 yr/yr hike in energy prices, including heat and water supply. Producer prices for manufactured goods rose 7.3%. Prices for chemical products and synthetic fibres were up 13.3% and vehicle prices rose 8.3%. Machinery prices rose just 3.2% and prices for electric and optical equipment increased 7.1%. Domestic sale prices for capital goods rose 4.7% yr/yr in September and were up 0.6% from August. Producer prices for consumer rose 2.0% yr/yr in September, as the result of a 4.5% increase in consumer durable prices and a 1.8% rise in non-durable prices. (Mti-Eco)