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Industrial producer prices rise 5.3% yr/yr in January

  Hungary’s industrial producer prices rose 5.3% in the twelve months to January, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) reported on Monday. The increase slowed from 5.7% in December and 6.9% in November 2008.

Twelve-month forint-term export prices rose 6%, after a 3.9% increase in December 2008.

Domestic sales prices rose 4.4% yr/yr in January, down from a 8.3% increase in the previous month.

In a month-on-month comparison, industrial producer prices were up 3.0%, after a 0.8% fall in December.

Forint-term export prices increased 4.3% from December and domestic sales prices rose 0.9%.

Domestic sale prices in the manufacturing sector rose 0.2% over December, with prices in the pharmaceutical branch rising 1.2%, prices in the machinery and equipment branch up 0.8% and prices in the computer, electronic and optical products branch climbing 0.7%.

Food industry prices were up 0.3%, chemical industry prices dropped 1.4%, prices in the transportation equipment branch slipped 0.2%, and prices in the refined petroleum products branch inched down 0.1%. Prices of electricity, gas and steam supply grew 1.9% in January and water supply fees were up 7.3%.

In a twelve-month comparison, the biggest increase was seen for prices of base metals and fabricated metal products, which rose 10.3%.

Transport equipment prices were up 5.1%, prices of rubber, plastic and other non-metallic mineral products rose 3.5%, and prices of electrical equipment and machinery climbed 3.2%.

Food industry prices increased 2.5%. The biggest fall in prices was for petroleum products, down 12.6%. Chemical industry prices dropped 6.7% and textile industry prices were down 2.4%. Pharmaceutical prices inched down 0.1%.

In the manufacturing as a whole, prices were up 0.5% in twelve months. Prices of electricity, gas and steam rose 12.5%. Water supply fees were up 9.3%.

Among end-use groups of branches in domestic sales, prices for energy and intermediate producer branches increased 1.2% compared to December, prices for consumer goods producer branches were up 0.4% and prices for capital goods producer branches increased 0.2%.

In a twelve-month comparison, the biggest price increases were recorded in the energy and intermediate producer branches and in the capital goods producer branches: prices in both segments were up 4.6%. Prices in the consumer goods producer branches increased 3.7%.

Forint-term industrial export prices rose 4.3% in January compared to December and were up 6.0% in a twelve-month comparison. The forint weakened 5.9% against the euro and 7.6% to the dollar compared to December.

The Hungarian currency slipped 9.3% against the euro and 21.6% to the dollar compared to twelve months earlier. (MTI-Econews)