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India to invest $6.5 bln in medical tourism

The Indian government has announced that it plans to invest $6.5 billion to encourage medical tourism in India.

Tourism minister Ambika Soni said that “affordable hospitals and budget hotels for patients’ relatives” would be built with the money, the Economic Times reports. She explained that three international firms have arranged to meet with officials to discuss setting up these facilities in Delhi and NCR. “They will meet government by the end of this year and they will also set up budget accommodation facilities for patients,” Soni said. She added that India has been working to facilitate the process of international investment in the country. Hospital management and doctors’ profiles will also become more accessible, she claimed. Meanwhile, Leena Nandan, joint secretary to the government of India and ministry of tourism, said that a task force had been set up to help ensure high standards at hospitals and wellness clinics. (