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IMF announces good outlook for Serbia

Serbia can find its place on the global market and international community, the International Monetary Fund believes. 

International Monetary Fund Belgrade office chief Harald Hirschhofer said that while living in Belgrade for the last three years, he had seen all of the key ingredients for success: creativity, entrepreneurial sprit, pragmatism and decisiveness. “In order for this to happen, the unused economic potential must be freed in order to create a climate that will secure adequate awards for effort and talent for Serbian business leaders and workers,” Hirschhofer said. He said that Serbia’s prosperity depends on its openness towards the world, the success of its companies in international environment and on creating new jobs. “In order to succeed in international competition, Serbian companies must have a dynamic business atmosphere, which calls for microeconomic stability, an effective public sector, transparent and fair legal climate, reliable market factors for production and a strong, functional domestic market,” Hirschhofer said. (