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Hungary's tourism revenue jumps 12.6% in 2006

Foreign visitors spent Ft 957.9 bln (€3.8 bln) in Hungary in 2006, while Hungarian tourists spent Ft 558 bln abroad, resulting in a positive balance of Ft 400 bln, Central Statistics Office reported on Thursday.

Foreigners' spending rose 12.7%, while Hungarians' spending abroad fell 4%. Hungarians were more frugal because of the sharp weakening of the forint during most of the period. There were 38.3 million foreign visitors in Hungary in 2006. They spent about 100 million days in the country. 15.3 million visited Hungary for just one day, including 13.6 million travelers just passing through the country. Visitors spent 2.6 days in Hungary on average, while those who came for a longer period spent an average 7.7 days. The number of foreigners visiting Hungary for just 1 day increased 11%, while the number staying for a longer period decreased 8%. 12.4 million of the foreign visitors were tourists. They spent Ft 670 billion. Hungarians traveled abroad 17 million times in 2006. The number of one-day visits decreased 2% and the number of longer visits decreased 14%. 47% of one-day visits were for the purpose of shopping. 85% of longer visits were related to tourism. Hungarians spent 61 million days abroad, or an average of 8.5 days per visit. 15% of one-day visits and 10% of longer visits were work related. (Bloomberg)