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Hungary’s Tax Office filing up to speed

The Tax Office (APEH) collected Ft 73.2 billion ($384 million) from fees in the first seven months of the year; Ft 31.5 billion ($165.6 million) of the sum was channeled to the local governments of the counties and cities with county rights.

After having integrated the Fee Office into the Tax Office as of January 1, APEH still has several difficulties, but the larger part of past due paperwork has been brought up to speed, an associate of the office said. About 10% of the almost 1 million clients from the Fee Office database could not be identified automatically due to the lack of registered tax identification numbers; this must be rectified by the administrators of the Tax Office manually. At the beginning of the year, the Tax Office took over 100,000 unfinished and about 50,000 other cases from the Fee Office that had to be filed; the latter have already been processed. (Napi Gazdaság)