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Hungary's new car sales down 72.1% yr/yr in October

New car sales in Hungary plunged 72.1% to 3,590 in October from the same month a year earlier, and dropped 60.3% to 52,892 in the first ten months, auto industry research company Jato Dynamics said on Friday.

In October, only Latvia surpassed Hungary's October drop among the other 26 European countries in which Jato compiled data.

In January-October, three of the surveyed countries registered steeper decreases than Hungary, with drops of 77.9% in Iceland, 73.7% in Latvia and 68.1% in Lithuania.

In the 26 European countries for which Jato compiled data, new car sales fell 4.1% yr/yr in the first ten months but were already up 12.8% in October as sales rose on seven big markets.

“.. a closer look at the figures shows this is not necessarily a natural level of demand and we are still below the pre-recession sales level,” David Di Girolamo of Jato noted. (MTI-Econews)