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Hungary's net foreign debt rises €2.11 bln in Q2

Hungary's net foreign debt rose €2.111 billion in the second quarter of 2006 to €27.253 billion, €4.064 billion over the level at the end of June 2005, National Bank of Hungary (MNB) figures published on Friday show.

Despite a 6% weakening of the forint in the second quarter and a 14% depreciation in the twelve months to June 30, 2006, Hungary's foreign debt in forint-denominated government bonds fell €1.474 billion in Q2 2006 to €9.192 billion, down €836 million from twelve months earlier. Foreign currency-denominated foreign debt of the general government and the central bank stood at €679 million, up from €130 million three months earlier and compared to net foreign assets of €1.467 billion at the end of June 2005.
Hungary's foreign currency-denominated net foreign debt rose €4.396 billion in a year, including a €2.446 billion rise in Q2, to €18.083 billion, MNB figures show.