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Hungary's industrial output up adjusted 11.8% yr/yr in September

Hungary's industrial output rose a working day adjusted 11.8% year on year in volume terms in September, the Central Statistics Office reported on Wednesday.

According to unadjusted figures the growth rate was 9,2%. September output was up 3.3% from August according to seasonally- and working day-adjusted figures. Output rose 10.1% year on year in January-September 2006, unadjusted figures show. Twelve-month adjusted and unadjusted growth rates are 0.2% points up from preliminary figures published on November 8. Seasonally-adjusted industrial exports rose 3.3% from August and increased a working day-adjusted 16.7% yea on year. Domestic sales grew an adjusted 1.7% in September from August and rose 6.0% year on year, according to working day-adjusted figures. (Mti-Eco)