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Hungary wants agreement on future of CAP during joint EU presidency

The Spanish-Belgian-Hungarian European Union presidency would like to see an agreement reached by EU member states on the future of the common agricultural policy (CAP) tools by the end of the Hungarian presidency in the first half of next year at the latest, Hungarian Agriculture Minister József Gráf said in Brussels on Monday after a meeting of EU farming ministers.

Gráf noted that a large number of member states, including Hungary, would like to see the current level of the EU farming budget and subsidies as well as most of the existing instruments maintained.

Gráf said that a new fault line is emerging within the EU around the issue of the leveling out of subsidies among member states. This mainly concerns the question of how long old member states can obtain more subsidies on a “historical basis”, the agricultural minister added.

Gráf said he believes that a compromise can be reached despite the rigid positions, because there is great pressure from farmers in those five member states too that at present vow to reduce the level of subsidies. (MTI-Econews)