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Hungary to submit emissions credits scheme for 2008-2012 by final deadline

Hungary will submit its plan for the allocation of carbon emissions quotas in 2008-2012 to Brussels by January 19, the final deadline set by the European Commission, Environmental Minister Miklós Persányi said in Brussels late on Monday, a little less than a week after the Commission cited Hungary for having missed the June 30 deadline.

The European Commission said on December 12 that it had decided to send final written warnings to Hungary and three other member states that they will face action by the European Court unless they submit national allocation plans for the second trading period of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme from 2008 to 2012.

Persányi said Hungary's submission had been delayed because it did not wish to make the same mistakes it made in the allocation plan for the first period of the trading scheme. He added that more than 260 companies had to be consulted on the matter. (Mti-Eco)