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Hungary to get €150 mln under EEA, Norwegian Financing Mechanisms

Talks are underway on the next round of funding from the European Economic Area Financing Mechanism and the Norwegian Financing Mechanism and the first tenders should be called in the second half of next year, National Development Agency director Balázs Simó said at a press conference on Friday.

About €135 million has been made available to Hungary, and in the coming period, it may get €150 million, said Norwegian ambassador to Hungary Siri Ellen Sletner.

About two-thirds of the funding from the mechanisms goes toward environmental investments.

Members of the European Economic Area, but not of the European Union, earlier decided to make funding available to all of the new EU member states.

The funding has gone to 98 projects in Hungary, of which 84 have been completed. The rest have been granted a one-year extension. Among the projects are a biogas research center, the construction of a noise-reducing wall and the integration of disadvantaged children.

The funding covers 60-90% of the cost of projects.