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Hungary to boost share of geothermal energy

Hungary is already ahead of the global average when it comes to the utilization of geothermal energy, meaning the country has more untapped potential, state secretary in charge of environmental affairs János Bencsik said.

Provided that renewable energy can best be used in the production of heat, the new regulations the government is planning to introduce to promote sustainable sources will be targeted at heat, Bencsik said. In household and public heat production, the share of renewables will be boosted to 32% by 2030 from the current 12%, he added.

In particular, geothermal energy is at the forefront of the government’s interest. Not only is it used with further capacities left to generate heat, by the middle of the decade geothermal minerals will also be used to generate electricity, he said.

Bencsik pointed out that regulations affecting geothermal energy are presently scattered over more than 120 regulations and laws. The envisioned simplification to the legal environment will greatly boost Hungary’s geothermal competitiveness when compared to other countries in the region, he said.