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Hungary struggles with shortage of workforce, consultancy says

Hungary’s labor market could absorb much more employees in the areas of finance, logistics, procurement, in the operative and administrative areas, not to mention engineers, consulting company Telkes Zrt partner Zsolt Lukács, told daily Világgazdaság.

But companies keep recruiting employees for positions in the client service as well, usually having difficulties finding even a receptionist, said Ildikó Kovács, managing director of recruitment company Manpower Kft.

The Employment Office (FH) statistics, based on the announcements of the companies, say that in November there were 3,500 more unfilled job vacancies than a year before. According to FH’s estimation, there are 30,000 - 35,000 vacancies permanently unfilled.

So, primarily the food, textile and construction industry will greet labor coming from Romania and Bulgaria. However, Hungary is only the fourth target country on the virtual lists of Romanians planning to find a job in the EU. (Világgazdaság)