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Hungary still waiting for EC's response on central bank management remuneration, oaths

The Hungarian government is still waiting for the European Commission's responses to its stands on the questions of the remuneration of the National Bank of Hungary's governors and deputy-governors and the oaths they swear, government spokesman András Giró-Szász said on public television early Thursday.

The government sent its stands on the matters to the Commission at the end of March, Giró-Szász said on m1's "Ma regggel" program. The Commission's answer will determine further steps that could be taken, he added.
He noted that amendments submitted by the government to Parliament on Tuesday had aimed to allay the Commission's concerns on the five questions concerning the central bank, raised in an infringement procedure, but not those of the remuneration and the oaths.
The National Economy Ministry also said on Wednesday that the issue of the governor's and deputy-governors' remuneration remained an open question in an infringement procedure launched by the European Union regarding the central bank's independence.
The ministry said the successful close of the infringement procedure was necessary for the start of official negotiations on a precautionary credit line the country is seeking from the EU and the International Monetary Fund.
It added that that the government is committed to the start of the talks as soon as possible. Representatives of the Hungarian government, the MNB, the ECB, the EC and the IMF started informal talks to clear up issues surrounding Hungary's Central Bank Act at ECB headquarters in Frankfurt on Monday.