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Hungary slips slightly on Euromoney list

  Hungary’s overall country risk score has slipped somewhat over the past half year, edging several notches down on a global list of 186 countries, but still retaining its place in the top third, Euromoney magazine has said.

The London-based financial monthly, which published its fresh biannual global Country Risk ranking in its March 2009 issue, gave Hungary an overall score of 57.34 out of a possible 100, down from the 66.43 that Hungary scored last September.

Hungary’s position on the latest list is down 6 notches to the 54th place. Hungary trails some of its regional peers like the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, but leads the Baltic states as well as Romania and Bulgaria by a substantial margin.

Hungary’s political risk, one of the most important constituents of the overall score and defined as the risk of non-payment or non-servicing of payment for goods or services, loans, trade-related finance and dividends, and the non-repatriation of capital, has slipped slightly to 17.43 from 17.48 in September. (BBJ, Napi Gazdaság)