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Hungary seeks financial safety net but IMF offers loan, says PM

Hungary wants a financial safety net, but the International Monetary Fund wants to offer the country a loan, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at a lecture at the European Policy Centre in Brussels on Monday.
Orbán said a financial guarantee from the IMF and the European Union would make financing Hungary's debt cheaper. He added that delaying the start of negotiations was harmful for the country. Orbán also said he believed that Hungary would join the eurozone in the future, but added that accession was not yet timely.
He argued that a political union could not be forcefully created on the basis of a fiscal one, and insisted that once there is political union, fiscal union could follow. Orbán said that some ongoing infringement procedures against Hungary by the European Commission would most likely come before the European Court.
The Commission decided early in March to continue accelerated infringement procedures on the independence of the country's data protection supervisor and measures affecting the judiciary, and to ask for additional information on the central bank's independence.