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Hungary scores well in high-tech exports

Hungary belongs among those few European Union countries where high-tech goods represented a fifth or more of all exports in 2004, the business daily Világgazdasag reported on Wednesday quoting a Eurostat survey.

According to the Eurostat report on science, technology and innovation in the EU25 in 2004, Hungary was on the same level as Japan regarding external trade in high-tech goods and scored better than all other new EU members, the paper reported. According to Eurostat, the statistical office of the European communities, high-tech goods include the following products: aerospace, computers and office machines, electronics and telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, scientific instruments, electrical machinery, chemicals, non-electrical machinery and armaments.

At the same time, almost 25% more people are employed in research and development in the Czech Republic than in Hungary, even though the two countries have roughly equal population. In addition, only around 30% of employment in research and development is represented by the business sector in Hungary, as against over 50% in the Czech Republic.

Germany and France employ over 40% of the EU25's research and development personnel. In 2004, 2.82 million people were employed in the field of research and development in the EU25, the survey showed. In 2002, Hungary spent 1.02% of its GDP on research and development, which dropped to 0.89% in 2004, less than half of the EU average of 1.9%. (