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Hungary retail sales drop 1.7% yr/yr, 0.7% on the month in December

Hungary's calendar year-adjusted retail sales volume in December fell 1.7% yr/yr after decreasing 0.3% in November, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said.

The twelve-month drop was the third one in a row after a 0.7% fall in October and followed three months with 0.2% to 0.7% increases. In July, retail sales rose yr/yr for the first time since March 2007.

Retail sales fell 2.3% over the year from 2009.

In a month-on-month comparison, retail sales were down 0.7% from November after being unchanged in November, seasonally- and calendar year-adjusted data show.

Retail turnover grew to HUF 781.8 billion at current prices in December from HUF 639.0 billion in November but was up on HUF 756.6 billion in December 2009.

The figures do not include car and car part sales, in line with EU methodology.

Retail sales of food, beverages and tobacco declined a calendar-adjusted 2.6% yr/yr in December after a fall of 0.6% yr/yr in November and a drop of 1.3% in October. These sales were down 2.1% over the whole year on 2009.

Non-food sales rose an adjusted 0.6% yr/yr in December in the sixth increase in a row, after advancing 1.2% in November. These sales decreased 1.4% over the year. Sales of textiles, clothing and footwear fell 2.7% yr/yr after a drop of 2.6% in November, and lost 1.8% over the year, but furniture, household goods and construction material sales were up 1.6% yr/yr after adding 2.2% in November as the rise has now continued since July. These sales dropped 2.9% from 2009 over the whole year.

In absolute terms, food, beverage and tobacco sales came to HUF 360.4 billion after HUF 274.4 billion in November, while non-food sales reached HUF 315.7 billion after HUF 253.8 billion in November.

In a month-on-month comparison, food, beverage and tobacco sales volume fell 0.8% after adding 0.1% in October and non-food sales dropped 0.5% after growing 0.3% in November. Sales of textiles, clothing and footwear were down 0.6% after down 3.2% in November while sales of furniture, household goods and construction material decreased 0.1% after growing 0.6% in November.

Sales of fuel stations dropped 5.0% yr/yr in December after falling 3.5% in November and was flat in calendar-adjusted terms from November. These sales decreased 5.3% over the whole year from 2009.

Car and car part sales, which are not part of the retail statistics, rose 6.3% yr/yr after a plus of 7.1% in November. Car and car part sales were still down over the year 10.0% from 2009.