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Hungary received HUF 450 bln in EU developmental support in 2008

  Hungary received HUF 450 billion (€1.62 billion) in developmental support from the European Union in 2008, Minister of National Development and Economy Gordon Bajnai told MTI on Sunday.

Bajnai noted that in 2008 the EU had granted HUF 216.3 billion in support to programs operating under the New Hungary Development Plan and HUF 117.5 billion to programs operating under the first National Development Plan.

The minister said that as of December 31, a total of 440 tenders had been published for projects to be implemented under the auspices of the New Hungary Development Plan, adding that HUF 3,900 billion in EU support has already been made accessible for such projects in the period 2007-2013.

Bajnai commented that by international comparison, Hungary’s development plan is performing well in terms of EU support, noting that Hungary has submitted 16 of 40 major-project proposals that EU member states have so far sent to Brussels for approval. The minister noted that the EU had already endorsed Hungary’s major-project bid for a renovation of the tram system in the city of Debrecen (east Hungary).

Bajnai said that HUF 103 billion in New Hungary Development Plan funds had already been granted for 350 school-renovation projects and a further HUF 20 billion in funding for the construction of renovation of 23 outpatient clinics.

The minister added that HUF 35 billion in New Hungary Development Plan resources have been allocated for 120 urban-rehabilitation projects and a further HUF 113 billion in regional operative-program funding for 290 local transportation-development projects through which 1,000km of roadway will be renovated by the year 2010. (MTI-Econews)