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Hungary PPI slows to 7.1% in October

Twelve-month industrial producer price growth in Hungary slowed to 7.1% in October from 7.9% in September and 9.0% in August, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) said on Tuesday.

Industrial producer prices rose at a slower rate for the second time in six months. Prices fell in January-April, and grew at an increasing rate up to August.

In a month-on-month comparison, producer prices fell 0.8% after falling 0.9% in September and down 0.2% in August.

Twelve-month domestic sales prices rose 10.0% in October after climbing 9.7% in September and up 10.5% in August.

Domestic sales prices in the manufacturing sector rose 7.4% yr/yr after rising 7.1% in September. Within the manufacturing sector, prices in coke production and petroleum refining were up 23.7%, prices in the chemical materials and products sector rose 14.6% and those in the basic metals and metal processing segment increased 13.6%. Prices were down 3.0% yr/yr in the textiles and leather segment and inched up 0.5% in the wood and paper products industry. Producer prices in the food, beverages and tobacco sector went up 3.5% yr/yr.

Prices rose 14.6% yr/yr in the energy sector and were up 1.7% in the capital goods segment. Prices increased 1.2% in the consumer goods segment after falling 0.3% in September.

In a month-on-month comparison, domestic sales prices were down 0.2% after falling 0.7% in September, and rising 0.3% in August. Prices fell 0.1% in the manufacturing sector. There was a 2.2% increase in the food industry and a 7.3% climb in the coke and refinery segment.

Twelve-month export sales prices were up 4.4% after an increase of 6.2% in September and 7.6% in August.

Export sales prices fell 1.3% m/m after loosing 1.1% in September. (MTI-ECONEWS)