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Hungary online advertising tops HUF 13.6 bln in January-June

Online advertisement spending in Hungary rose 6% in the first half of 2011, compared to the same period of last year, and internet search engines like Google are carving bigger slices from the online advertising pie, business daily Napi Gazdaság reported.

The amount spent on online advertising exceeded HUF 13.6 billion, according to data released by Kantar Media, collated from reports of portfolio owners. The data excludes ad spending on Google or Facebook sites.

Online advertising accounted for  4.31% of total ad spending in all media channels in Hungary, which indicates a marginal increased in the growth rate compared to the same period of last year (4.24%).

Just as in the first part of last year, financial institutions and insurance companies spent the most on online advertising, while the second one was the telecommunications sector. Real estate  online advertising doubled in the same period, and the amount spent exceeded HUF 840 million. In the meantime book editorial and mass communication related spending showed a 38% increase.

Ad spending on pharmaceutical products dropped nearly 50% to HUF 400 million.

The five companies spending the most on onlie advertising were the three biggest telecommunication companies, OTP Bank and Google Ireland Ltd.

The digital advertising market reached the size when its certain segments are affected by the performance of the overall advertisement market, said Attila Erős, managing director of online advertisement buying company Fastbridge Kft. However, market penetration of digital media advertising will further rise, Erős said.

The 2010 revival on the market following the setback of 2009 is due to the fact that spending via Google can be better measured, said Zoltán Varga of  Pangalactic Media, responsible for strategic planning.

Internet search engines like Google are carving a growing slice out of the online advertising pie. Facebook represent a trend of its own, and it continuously attracts advertisement revenues, and an increasing number of brands are trying to find a niche in this field.