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Hungary new car sales plunge 76% in September

New car sales in Hungary plunged 76% to 3,200 in September from the same month a year earlier, after dropping more than 78% in the previous month, the business daily Napi Gazdaság reported, quoting figures from Datahouse Kft.

This was the second biggest monthly drop this year after the 78.4% fall in August.

New car sales in January-September plummeted 59.5% to 49,000 from 121,000 one year earlier. The yr/yr drop was 43% in Q1, 60% in Q2, and 76% in Q3.

Suzuki took the top spot in September, however, Ford remains market leader for January-September sales.

Ford's most popular model, Focus accounted for almost half of Ford's nine-months turnover of close to 6,500, with Fiesta making up 16%.

Of Suzuki's models, SX4, Swift and Splash each accounted for approximately one-third of sales. (MTI-ECONEWS)