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Hungary new car registrations up 15% in October

There were 4,047 new passenger cars registered in Hungary in October 2012, up 15.3% from the same month a year earlier, the Hungarian Vehicle Importers Association (MGE) told MTI on Monday, citing data from market researcher Datahouse. The number of new passenger vehicle registrations rose 16.2% to 43,369 in January-October from the same period a year earlier. New light commercial vehicle registrations fell 9.7% to 843 in October. The number was up 5.5% at 8,914 in January-October. The number of new bus registrations fell more than 71% in January-October, while the number of new large commercial vehicle registrations rose 1.1% to 3,522. The number of motorcycle registrations rose 13.8% to 107 in October, but fell 6.4% to 1,693 in January-October. Looking at all vehicle categories, the number of new vehicle registrations rose 6.8% in October and was up 12.4% in January-October, Datahouse said.