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Hungary jobless rate up at 11.2% in November-January

Hungary's average unemployment rate was 11.2pc in the 15-74 age group in November 2010-January 2011, up from 10.8% in October-December, and up from also 10.8% in the same period a year earlier, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) said on Monday. The number of unemployed rose and the number of employed fell now for the second three-month period.

The number of unemployed in the age group totalled 474,000 in November-January, rising 11,900 from the previous three months and up 18,400 in one year.

The jobless rate rose for the second consecutive period after a steady drop from the first three months of last year.

The unemployment rate bottomed out at 7.5% in the summer of 2008 and rose to peak at 11.8% in the first months of 2010. The drop which followed slowed since May-July and the rate was unchanged in the August-October and September-November periods.

The jobless rate for the 15-64 age group was also 11.2pc in November 2010-January 2011. The rate for the age group rose from 10.9% in both October-December and the November-January period one year earlier. The rate for this age group peaked at 11.9pc in Q1 2010.

For both age groups the number of employed fell for the second consecutive period after rising steadily since Q1 2010.

The number of employed fell by 28,200 from the previous three-month period to 3,776,100 in November-January in the 15-74 age group, rising 26,200 from one year earlier. The employment rate - the percentage of the population aged 15-74 who are employed - was 49.1%, down 0.4 percentage points from the previous three-month period.

Measured in the 15-64 age group, the number of employed was down 29,100 from October-December at 3,744,600, but was up 25,700 in one year. The employment rate in this age group was 55.3%, down 0.5 percentage points from the previous period, and up 0.3 percentage points in one year. The employment rate in the age group peaked at 57.3% in July-September 2008, bottomed out at 54.5% with the crisis in Q1 last year and rose at a slowing rate until last September-November.

The participation or activity rate - the percentage of people actively employed or seeking employment - was 55.3% for the 15-74 age group and 62.3% for those aged between 15-64 years. The activity rate fell slightly for the second consecutive period after remaining unchanged for three periods. The rate rose steadily between November 2009-January 2010 and June-August last year.

16.0% of the unemployed belong to the 15-24 age group, only present on the labour market to a limited extent, and the unemployment rate for this group was 25.4%, up from 25.2% measured in October-December 2010, and 2.4 percentage points lower than a year earlier.

The unemployment rate calculated for the most active, 25-54 age group was 10.4%, up 0.4 percentage points both from the previous period and from one year earlier.

The measure of long-term unemployment fell 0.8 percentage points from the previous three-month period, with 52.9% of the unemployed seeking a job for one year or longer. The average period of unemployment fell slightly to 18.7 months, and was 2.3 months longer than a year earlier.

Average unemployment in 2010 was 11.2pc, up 1.2 percentage points from 2009.

The number of the employed was 3,781,000 on average and the average number of unemployed was 475,000 last year. The number and percentage of the employed was unchanged from the previous year. The annual average number of unemployed rose 12.8% from 2009.