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Hungary guest nights rise 5.3% in year to Feb

The number of guest nights at commercial accommodations in Hungary rose 5.3% to 931,000 in February from the same month a year earlier, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) said on Wednesday.

The rise slowed after a 10.3% increase in January. 

The number of guest nights spent by foreign guests rose 12.2% in twelve months to 451,000 in February. The number spend by domestic guests slipped 0.4% to 480,000.

The number of guest nights at hotels rose 6.8% to 820,000 during the period.

Germans spent nearly 75,900 guest nights at commercial accommodations in Hungary in February, more than any other nationality. Austrians followed, with 55,245 guest nights. Guests from the United Kingdom followed, with 29,295 guest nights.

January-February guest nights increased 7.8% yr/yr to 1.894 million with foreign guest nights rising 15.8% to 954,000 and domestic guest nights rising just 0.8% from a year earlier to 941,000.

Commercial accommodations generated gross revenue of HUF 13.95 billion in February, up 4.1% from the same month a year earlier, and January-February revenue, at HUF 28.88 billion, was up 9.3%. 

Of total revenue, revenue from accommodation came to HUF 6.90 billion in February alone and was HUF 14.50 billion in the first two months. Revenue from catering reached HUF 3.71 billion in February and HUF 7.47 billion in January-February.

Gross revenue of hotels increased 3.6% to HUF 12.94 billion in February. Thanks to the 15.9% rise in January, two-month revenue of hotels was up 9.6% at HUF 26.76 billion.

Occupancy rate at hotels was 34.4%, slightly up from 33.1% in January.

The gross average room rate at hotels was HUF 13,118 in February.