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Hungary guest nights drop 8.2% in October

Guest nights spent at commercial accommodations by Hungarian and foreign tourists fell 8.2 % to 1.442 million in October from a year earlier, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) said on Monday. The fall widened from 6.2% year-on-year to 1.639 million in September and minus 4.5% in August, but was still less than the double-digit drops experienced in the spring. Hungary guest nights has been down each month since last November.

Nights spent by Hungarian tourists fell by 10.5% to 685,000 after decreasing by 5.8% in September and those by foreign guests declined by 6.0% to 757,000 after dropping by 6.5% in September.

Guest nights in January-October fell 8.4% yr/yr to 16.37 million, after decreasing 1.5% last year from 2007. Domestic guests numbered 3.372 million and nights spent by them in the first ten months fell 6.4% to 8.293 million.

Foreign guest nights dropped 10.4% to 8.077 million. Foreign guests numbered 2.792 million in January-October, some 10% less than a year ago. Germans, Poles, Italians, Romanians, Dutch and French guests spent 2-16% less guests nights with those spent by guests from the US and the UK dropping 25-26%. Austrians, Czechs, Chinese, Finns, Israelis and Swiss spent somewhat more guest nights while those spent by guests from Slovakia grew by 30%.

The share of conference tourism or job-related trips fell 3%-point from a year earlier to 27% of all guests in January-October, after a similar minus 3%-points in January-September. Health tourism represented 11%. Spa and wellness hotels received 16% of all foreign guests and a 39% of all domestic guests in the first ten months.

The average hotel occupancy rate was 46.6% in October after 49.5% in September and 44.6% in January-October after 44.4% in January-September. The monthly rate dropped after reaching a 2009 peak at 58.3% in August.

Gross revenue from accommodation and related services dropped 10% yr/yr at current prices to HUF 193 billion in January-October.

Revenue from accommodations, excluding catering, amounted to HUF 112 billion in January-October, down 8.8% yr/yr, following a 7.9% drop in January-September. The share of foreign tourists in gross revenue from accommodation was 60.5%, exceeded their 49.3% share in all guest nights. (MTI-ECONEWS)