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Hungary guest nights drop 7% yr/yr in December, down 8.4% in 2009

Guest nights spent at commercial accommodations in Hungary fell 7.0% to 913,000 in December 2009 from a year earlier, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said on Monday. Foreign guest nights fell less, by 3.5% to 441,000 in December and domestic guest nights fell 10.0%.

The fall slowed from 10.7% in December. Hungary guest nights have been down year-on-year each month since November 2008.

Guest nights in 2009 dropped 8.4% from 2008 to 18.287 million, including a 9.8% fall in foreign guest nights to 9.029m. Guest nights fell 0.8% and foreign guest nights fell 1.6% according to final figures in 2008, a KSH spokesperson told Econews.

The number of guests at commercial accommodation fell 5.9% yr/yr, less than guest nights did, to 413,000 in December and fell 8.3% to 7.013 million in 2009 after a 2.4% increase in 2008, and in the first full-year fall in the last decade. Foreign guests numbered 186,000 in December 2009, 1.2% less than a year earlier, and their full-year number fell 9.7% in 2009 compared to the previous year to 3.175 million.

In 2009 the steepest, 14.2% fall in foreign guest nights was registered at the Lake Balaton, but foreign guest nights also fell sharply, by 10.3% from 2008 in Central Hungary. Western Transdanubia was the only region which saw more foreign guest nights last year.

Guest nights in hotels fell 5.4% yr/yr in December, continuing their steady fall since last November, but guest night at five and four starts hotels were already up yr/yr both in November and October, boosted by the nights spent by foreign guests. In a different breakdown, spa and especially wellness hotels showed improving guest nights compared to December 2008.

Campings were the only type of accommodation with rising guest nights last year. Hotel guest nights fell 8.8% to 5.127m for the full year, including a 9.3% fall in foreign guest nights, to 2.706 million. Within the total, turnover in four-star and wellness hotels fell only slightly.

The average hotel occupancy rate was 30.4% in December after 39% in November. The monthly rate dropped after it reached a seasonal peak at 58.3% in August.

The 2009 average hotel occupancy rate was 43.0%, down from a 48.5% average in 2008.

Gross revenue from accommodation dropped 9.0% yr/yr at current prices to HUF 127.5 billion in 2009. 60.2% of all revenue from accommodation came from foreign guest nights.

Revenue from catering totaled HUF 57.4 billion last year, and other revenue, including hose from spa and wellness services, came to HUF 37.3 billion. Overall revenues of commercial accommodation reached HUF 224.2 billion in 2009, down 9.7% at current prices from 2008. (MTI-Econews)