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Hungary fruit, vegetable segment generates HUF 300 bln for growers

Hungary's fruit and vegetable growers generate about HUF 300 billion a year in farm gate sales, making it the farm sector's third-biggest segment, Béla Mártonffy, who heads growers association FruitVeb, told a parliamentary sub-committee on Wednesday.

Mártonffy said end-user sales of fruit and vegetables, mushrooms, ornamental plants, medicinal herbs and forestry and landscaping products from Hungary come to an annual HUF 1,000 billion. He added that the industry provides full- or part-time work for about 300,00 households.

He put the annual value of Hungary's fruit and vegetable output at HUF 300 billion, calculating with farm gate prices, and HUF 600 billion, calculating with retail prices. He added that half of the segment's output is exported.

Hungary's mushroom industry generates an annual HUF 12 billion-13 billion and the ornamental plant segment brings in HUF 56 billion-65 billion. Collectors of medicinal herbs make about HUF 10 billion a year, but sales of products made from medicinal herbs come to HUF 50 billion in Hungary alone.