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Hungary freight volume falls 15.1% in Q1

Hungarian transport companies carried 59.623 million tonnes of goods in January-March 2009, 15.1% less than in the same period last year, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) reported on Tuesday.

Performance dropped 10.6% to 11.534 billion freight tonne-kilometres.

Domestic transport volume fell 15.6% to 39.6 million tonnes and performance dropped 8.3% to 3.02 billion freight-tonne-kilometres. International transport volume fell 14.0% to 20.0 tonnes and performance slipped 11.5% to 8.5 billion freight-tonne-kilometres. Both the domestic and international figures show that less freight was transported greater distances during the period, KSH noted.

Road transport freight volume fell 14.9% to 41.4 million tonnes, as domestic volume dropped 16.4% to 35.2 million tonnes and international volume was down 5.5% at 6.1 million tonnes. In 2008, road transport freight volume climbed 6.3% for the full year.

Rail transport volume slid 11.1% to 9.2 million tonnes and performance was down 24.8% at 1.7 billion freight-tonne-kilometres.

Long-distance transport service passenger numbers fell 5.8% to 173.6 million. Local transport service passenger numbers dropped 5.3% to 533 million.

The number of passengers that used Ferihegy International Airport dropped 14% to 1.46 million and the number of flights was down 12% at 24,000. (MTI-Econews)