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Hungary: Deloitte on “misunderstood” tax plans

The representative bodies of employees and SMEs misunderstood a tax revision package complied by four consultancies, said Péter Oszkó, president CEO of Deloitte Hungary, one of the drafters, responding to disappointed responses.

The package basically aims to make the economy more competitive and more transparent, he emphasized. As to raising healthcare contributions from Ft 1,950 to Ft 8,000, the combined effect of the hike and decreasing employees’ social insurance contribution would be especially profitable for the companies paying more than the minimum wage, but would do no harm to the others, he said. True, the competitive advantage of the companies which have their employees registered at minimum wage but pay more would decrease, he added. The abolishment of tax credits would result in a fairer payment of taxes, he went on. (Gazdasági Rádió)