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Hungary cracks down on motorway drivers without vignettes

Hungary's State Motorway Management Company (AAK) is cracking down on motorists who do not buy vignettes with six mobile monitoring units that collect fines on the spot, AAK fines director Zoltán Varga told journalists on Thursday. AAK's aim is not to sanction motorists, but to create a greater incentive to buy vignettes, Varga said.

The mobile monitoring units started test operation last March and launched in December. During the period, they monitored 120,000 vehicles of which 1.6% did not have a vignette. The units collected HUF 24 million in fines. Varga said 78% of vehicles that use the motorways without a vignette are foreign, and 70% of these pay their fines on the spot. The mobile monitoring units take bank cards and accept payments in euro, he added. The fine for using Hungary's motorways without a valid vignette is HUF 14,875, when paid within 30 days of the citation. The cheapest vignette for passenger cars, good for ten days, is HUF 2,975.