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Hungary August farm gate prices up 20.1% yr/yr, rising for second month

Farm gate prices in Hungary rose 20.1% yr/yr in August, rising for the second month in a row after yr/yr declines between March and June, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) said.

Crop prices 31.7% in twelve months and livestock and animal products prices were up 3.2% from July 2009, both after rising in July but declining in the previous four months.

Farm gate prices rose 12.8% in the twelve months to July, but fell 0.6% in each of June and May and dropped 5.7% in April and 4.1% in March.

Farm gate prices rose yr/yr in January and February following 16 months of decline.

Farm gate prices in January-August 2010 were up 8.6% yr/yr as crop prices rose 15.3% from a year earlier and prices of live animals and animal products fell 1.3% in the period.

Farm gate prices fell 9.5% in 2009 as crop prices fell 12.7% and livestock and animal product prices dropped 4.6% from 2008.

Farm gate prices of grain rose 33.8% yr/yr in August. The price of wheat rose HUF 10,600 per ton (4%) from July after a 5.9% rise in the previous month to HUF 41,900, most of the wheat now coming from the new harvest, KSH noted. The maize harvest did not begin in August when the price of maize was 39,100 per ton.

Farm gate prices of industrial crops were up 15.3% yr/yr in August, with prices of oil seeds up 24.7%.

Farm gate prices of potatoes and vegetables rose 65.5% and 21.2% in twelve months, respectively. Potato price rose more and vegetable prices rose less than in the previous month. Potato prices has grown steadily since March 2009 while fresh vegetable prices has risen yr/yr each month since December 2009

Farm gate prices of fruits climbed 27.7% yr/yr in August, in contrast with a 18.5% yr/yr drop in August 2009. Fruit prices has risen now for the third consecutive month.

Farm gate prices of live animals fell 1.9% in the twelve months to August. Prices of hogs for slaughter fell 5.8% as a yr/yr drop posted since September 2009 continued. Poultry prices rose 0.3% yr/yr after drops in the previous two months, and prices of cattle rose 6.3% yr/yr after a 6.0% increase in July.

Farm gate prices of animal products were up 16.8% yr/yr in August, with the price of eggs up 3.8% and the price of milk up 21.3% from a year earlier. (MTI – Econews)