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Hungary ahead in illegal labor

Though the data earlier posted by the European Commission show that illegal labor amounts to the 17% of GDP in Hungary, some experts surveyed by an unnamed research institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) and social studies research company Panta Rhei Bt say this ratio can be as high as 25% - 30%.

The same experts suggest decreasing the burdens of legal employment and making the work permit process simpler. Panta Rhei found that 15%-20% of illegal workers are foreign citizens, 60% of them are ethnic Hungarians and 90% arrive from the neighboring countries. In the EU the differences between the ratios of illegal labor can be tenfold: Latvia has an 18% illegal labor and Greece a 20% share, while Austria and the United Kingdom have as low as 1.5% - 2%. (Magyar Hirlap)