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Hungary 2010 cereal harvest down 12.1% from previous year

Hungarian farmers harvested 5.299 million tonnes of cereals in 2009, 12.1% less than a year earlier, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said on Tuesday.

The figures are for wheat, barley, oats, rye and triticale, and do not include maize. The harvest was affected by the heavy rains and floods in the middle of the year, KSH said.

The harvest fell for the second year in a row, and was 19.1% below the average of the five years between 2005 and 2009.

Farmers grew cereals on 1.505m hectares in 2009, a 10.7% smaller area than in 2009.

The wheat harvest fell 14.8% from 2009 to 3.764m tons or just 80.1% of the average of the previous five years. The wheat hectare included 49,000 tons of durum wheat, 3.5% more than in 2009 and 28.3% more than the five-year average.

The area on which wheat was grown fell 11.8% to 1.011m hectares, and the wheat yield per hectare declined 3.4% to 3.72 tons, just 88.6% of the five-year average.

Except for wheat, per-hectare yields were up from the poor year of 2009 but still fell almost 10% below the 2005-2009 average. Oats and triticale posted the smallest drops in a five-year average comparison, with drops of 2.8% and 6.6%, respectively.

The rye harvest rose 3.4% to 75,000 tons, still 20.5% below the five-year average. The area sown with rye fell 10.4% to 36,000 hectares and average yield rose as a result 15.5% to 2.09 tons per hectare.

The barley harvest, including spring and winter barley, fell 9.2% from 2009 to 966,000 tons. The area sown fell 10.5% to 287,000 hectares and the barley yield rose 1.5% to 3.37 tons.

Farmers harvested 123,000 tons of oats in 2010, 10.5% more than last year. The area sown fell 1.8% to 51,000 but the yield per hectare rose 12.2% to 2.39 tons.

The triticale harvest was also up, by 3.1% to 372,000 tons as the average yield per hectare rose 8.0% to 3.11 tons. The area sown fell 4.7% to 119,000 hectares. (MTI-Econews)