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Hungarian-Ukrainian conference on establishment of joint industrial park

A two-day conference on the establishment of a Hungarian-Ukrainian industrial park started in Uzhgorod, Ukrainia, with the participation of Hungarian and Ukrainian experts, politicians and diplomats.

Hungarian ambassador in Kiev András Bársony emphasized that the border region is important from the point of view of Hungarian investments and the Hungarian government must also support regional development there in order to help the ethnic Hungarians living in Ukrainia. He quoted a recent OECD analysis, which lists the region in fourth place in terms of the attraction of foreign investment among Ukrainia's 27 regions.

The ambassador welcomed the fact that bilateral trade, which declined due to the crisis, is growing fast again and could reach $4 billion next year, its level registered in 2008.

Ukrainian minister for regional development and construction Vasil Kuybida said that the planned industrial park could create a good basis for investments and cross-border cooperation. He emphasized Ukrainia's readiness for cooperation with Hungary including the joint development of the border region. (MTI – Econews)