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Hungarian lobby company in Brussels to represent companies

A new Hungarian lobby company started operations in Brussels in the middle of this year to represent companies, institutions and local councils that cannot
afford to operate an office there, but want to have representation, business daily Világgazdaság reported. In addition to offering its clients a Brussels address, Eumentor organises meetings, provides information packages and acts as a business representative for clients, one of the founders, Népszava daily editor-in-chief András Kereszty told Vilaggazdasag. Hungarian companies, even if they are only medium-sized, will have to face the threat of "being run over" by foreign companies with large capital unless they try to appear on the international market, Kereszty said. The EU is a two-way street, where not only foreign companies can come to Hungary, but Hungarians can appear abroad, but without the appropriate information, they will lag behind, he added. Eumentor's founders also include former Washington ambassador György Bánlaki and former US State Department employee Ádám Topolánszky, while Hungary's former EU commissioner Péter Balázs is a senior advisor.