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HUF 160bn reallocated to energy efficiency, renewable energy programs

A total of HUF 160bn will be reallocated from unutilized funds of operative programs to energy-efficiency and renewable-energy projects, state secretary of the National Development Ministry in charge of climate and energy affairs Janos Bencsik said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a conference, Bencsik said decisions have been taken to reallocate funds worth HUF 80bn to such projects during the present government’s term in office, while applications for a further HUF 40bn are in the evaluation phase.

These funds will facilitate the implementation of investments worth HUF 200bn, and applications can be submitted next year for a further HUF 160bn, Bencsik added.

Bencsik noted that the National Energy Strategy recently adopted by Parliament focuses on three key energy policy issues - the security of energy supply, Hungary’s economic sovereignty and the transition to sustainability.

Bencsik announced at the conference that the Hungarian Institute of Geology and Geophysics will be established as legal successor of the Hungarian Institute of Geology, and the Eötvös Lóránd Institute of Geophysics will be merged into the new institute.

Hungary has extractable coal reserves of 3.3bn tons, of which 0.5bn tons can be extracted using "clean coal technology", he added.

Bencsik noted that Hungary’s energy consumption can be increased by a maximum of 5% by 2030, and the best energy saving potential is through improving the energy efficiency of buildings.