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Household gas prices to remain unchanged in Jan for average consumers

Gas prices will remain unchanged on January 1 for households that consume up to 1,200 cubic meters a year, National Development Minister Tamás Fellegi said.

The price increase will be naught for households that consume up to 1,200 cubic meters a year, Fellegi said. Above that, to 1,500 cubic meters the rise will be 0.7%, he added.

Prices will rise by 4.5% up to 2,000 cubic meters, by 7.8% between 3,000 and 3,500 cubic meters, and by 9.3% for households that consume more than 3,500 cubic meters.

Big families with three or more children will be given discounts.

The price structure of gas for “universal service providers” could contain the spot price in a 40% ratio as well as the price of gas delivered by Gazprom under a long-term agreement.

The rate of return for universal service providers has been cut from 8-9% to 4.5 % by a ministerial decree, Fellegi said, answering a question.

Asked to comment on the announcement by MTI, Hungarian Gas Industry Association (MGE) chairman Sándor Laczó said the effects could only be assessed after the new price regulations are published in detail.

István Kutas, spokesman for German utilities giant E.ON in Hungary, said that although the details of the price regulation were still not known, it “appears certain” that E.ON's loss-making gas unit in Hungary will remain loss-making. (MTI – Econews)