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Growing demand for temp jobs

Demand is growing for temporary employees, a recent analysis of Hungary’s State Employment Service (ÁFSz) says.

In 2002 only 30,000 employees found a job with a temporary contract, but this figure reached 102,000 people last year. The 102,000 were ‘rented’ 128,000 times. This type of employment is most typical for processing and trade companies. Last year 2,528 companies applied for help from temporary agencies, out of these, 1,022 are processing companies and 392 are trading companies. Firms requesting temp staff mostly offer blue-collar jobs for people who can be trained on the spot. 106,000 people were rented for blue-collar jobs and only 22,000 for white-collar jobs last year. The people participating in the temp scheme were employed for 168 days on average in 2006. Last year there were 710 temporary agencies operating in Hungary. (Gazdasági Rádió)