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Gov't to spend HUF 2 billion to create and preserve jobs in 2010

The government will spend HUF 2 billion (€7.49 million) in Labor Market Fund resources on job creation and job preservation in 2010, Ministry of Social and Labor Affairs State Secretary Gábor Simon said.

The government has earmarked HUF 1.5 billion in support for investments creating an estimated 1,400 jobs, a further HUF 200 million for high added-value investments projected to create 250 new jobs and HUF 444m for a program creating 600 new telecommuting jobs.

The government has allocated HUF 500 million in job-preservation funds aimed at safeguarding 3,500-4,000 jobs, Simon said.

In 2009 the government utilized HUF 2.5 billion in Labor Market Fund resources for job preservation and creation, including HUF 555 million in support for 251 companies to create 2,296 new jobs, Simon noted. (MTI-Econews)