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Govt to raise minimum wage - paper

The National Economic and Social Council (NGTT) will hold a session next Monday, business daily Napi Gazdasag said on Thursday, quoting chairman of the Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (MKIK) Laszlo Parragh.

The preliminary agenda of the meeting shows the partners will be consulting on the government decrees on next year’s minimum wage and the guaranteed wage minimum and the method of wage compensation as well as the restructuring of the health care system.

The paper has learnt the government decree on the minimum wage has already been drawn up, proposing an increase of the 2012 monthly minimum wage from HUF 92,000 to HUF 93,000. State secretary in charge of employment policy of the National Economy Ministry Sandor Czomba said this was required in order to maintain the net value of the minimum wage as the employee’s health insurance contribution is expected to rise next year. The guaranteed wage minimum planned for 2012 will remain unchanged at HUF 108,000 per month. The paper said the decree on wage compensation has not been completed yet.