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Gov't to bring Road to Work program to private sector

The government wants to expand its Road to Work program, which seeks to boost employment through helping those on social support to return to the labor market, into the private sector next year by offering businesses wage subsidies, Social and Labour Affairs Minister László Herczog said at a conference on Tuesday.

Companies that hire workers eligible for job support can apply for wage subsidies from January, Herczog said.

Currently, the program supports only public work jobs lasting at least 90 days organized by local councils.

Expanding the program to include private sector companies will require amendments to the Employment Act.

People employed by local councils under the program rose in the last three months to reach 95,000 in October, Herczog said. Total public sector employment (including employment by municipalities under the program) was 773,900 in September, the latest Hungarian Statistical Office figures show.

Funding available for the program will rise from HUF 97 billion this year to HUF 117.5 billion next year, including HUF 7.5 billion in EU funds with the remainder coming from the Hungarian central budget. (MTI-ECONEWS)