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Gov't seeks to create budget that reassures investors

The creation of a stable budget - one that confirms and continues the results already achieved, and sends a clear message to global investors about whom they can finance - is the next step in the government's crisis management program, Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai said on Monday after a meeting of the governing MSzP's parliamentary group.

“We are preparing a budget that holds to those promises and agreements on which the stability of Hungary is based,” Bajnai said, referring to agreements the country has with the IMF and EU on a €20 billion financial support package.

Next year's budgets is about stability, growth and security, Bajnai said. Among the priorities are public security and public order, and returning the honour to work, he added.

Deputy head of the MSzP parliamentary group István Göndör said the MPs unanimously agreed that general government deficit should be reined in to 3.8% of GDP. The deficit figure is fixed, but the planned HUF 120 billion cut in local government support and a HUF 70 billion reduction in spending for public transportation are not, he added. (MTI-Econews)